The Directors

Gabriel Meredith
Gabriel was a founder of Pangaea Magazine at the University of Michigan. He decided to expand the organization outside of a university setting and create The Pangaea Society. His childhood in China inspired him to start a global society to expand knowledge of history and culture. 


Amandari Kanagaratnam
Amandari teamed up with Gabriel in 2004 and they have worked on various projects since. One of their most important collaborations was their work at Historic Shanghai, the first historical society in the city. When she lived in India, she was inspired to establish her own tea brand, which will soon be available at The Pangaea Society.


John Tobin
John met Gabriel at the University of Michigan in early 2014. He is currently enrolled in the Creative Writing and Publishing program at the University of Baltimore. He plans to use his publishing expertise to build the new Pangaea Gazette for the Society. The time he spent at his ancestral homeland of Chios, Greece, inspired him to join the Society.