About Us

The Pangaea Society is a nonprofit organization with connections to Shanghai, New York, and Baltimore. We are a cultural foundation whose goal is to preserve and promote art, culture, and history.

Through our various programs, we hope to be able to give communities the opportunity to learn about their fascinating history and engage in fun educational activities. We also hope to provide historians and anthropologists a vital support network to create, publish, and promote their research.



The Pangaea Society
This is the name of our unique community of artists, historians, philosophers, and dreamers. Members have access to a variety of facilities, programs, and discounts. We also have an annual dinner that members are encouraged to attend.

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Asian Art Deco Alliance
Historic Pangaea is our project that focuses on historical preservation and education. Our premiere project is Asian Art Deco, an architectural history coalition that focuses on the Art Deco throughout Asia.

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Pangaea Gazette
Founded in 2013, the Pangaea Gazette is a history and culture publication created by The Pangaea Society. Its articles are published online.

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The Pangaea Society stresses equal opportunity to all individuals, regardless of race, ethnicity, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, disability, and religion.